Tänze 2014                                      2015                                               2016                                        2017

      Achy Breaky Heart            Chattahoochee                    Bonfire Heart               Bossa Nova            

      Black Coffee                    The Boat to Liverpool            Geschafft                    Only you            

      Blanket on the Ground      Toes                                  Bad moon rising            I saw the Light              

      Black Velvet                    Something in the Water         Patsy Fagan                The Queen       

      Bread  and Butter            Pretty Belinda                       Celtic Kittens               Zjozzys Funky

      Canadian Stomp              Mony Mony                           White Rose                 Nancy Mulligan

      Coastin'                          Af en Af                              Midnight Walz               Firefly

      Country Walking              Cheerleader                         Closer                          Feel the Beat

      Cowgirl's Twist                Virginia country line               The Trail                      Hold

      Disappearing Taillights       Come dance with me             Road les Travelled         Cabo San Lucas

      Felix Navidad                   Reflection                             Ah Si                           People are crazy

      Going back West             Galway Girls                           Come to dance            The Gambler

      Hearts & Flowers             Doctor Doctor                        Immer Jung                 Corn don't grow

      Hillbilly Rock                    Fisher's Honpipe                     Silverlining                    Tears on the Higway

      Honky Tonk Stomp         Verliebt verliebt                     Open Heart Cowboy       

      Hully Gully                      Tag on                                 Wave on Wave            

      Irish Stew                                                                 Like a Rose

      Jacket Joe                                                               

      Lord help me

      Not Fair

      Picknic Polka (contra)

      Shakin' Mix

      Some Beach

      Stroll along cha cha



      Sweet sweet smile

      Tears on the Highway

      The Lion Sleeps

      Tush Push

      Rainy Nights























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